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General on camping

by John Doe

General on camping

What is camping?

Camping is now a way of life, a lifestyle that manifest persons who are nature lovers, who want to spend holidays in contact with nature, in the green and, in the case of almost all Croatian camps, directly on the sea. People who do not want to give up the simplicity provided by such accommodations but also want to have the greatest possible comfort accommodation in a tent, mobile home, apartment or mobile homes (mobile home) and a wide range of content. That is exactly what today Croatian camps - often says "Hotels in the open" with all the facilities that you can find in a hotel, but the atmosphere and the contact with nature that provides you with only camping.

I'm not sure whether the need to book accommodation in the camp ...

Although not an obligation, it is recommended to book accommodation in advance, because you it is the only certainty that you will be after so many kilometers spent on the road to get to your destination to welcome safe accommodation in the camp that you choose. While yet to stay in a tent can and take risks (hardly the peak season in the camp will not be room for accommodation tents), for accommodation facilities for rent (apartments, bungalows and mobile homes) or to certain types of plot (size and position ), advanced booking is almost mandatory, especially in high season. In any case, it will not hurt the phone call camp where you want to stay and check the situation. One of the best things to have when you are on camping trip is a portable generator. They can be small and easy to transport and yet they can provide enough power to recharge you phone and provide powerd for your lights or whatever else you need. Generators that are best for camping are propane generators. You can find some of the best gas generators on Thebestgenerator.com . You can check reviews and find a generator that fits your needs.

How will the supply of food and drink and other necessities?

Most Croatian camps has varied trade offer within the camp, and if not, is often the nearest store is a ten-minute walk. The same goes for restaurants, fast food, pizza and the like. In the medium and large camps you'll find supermarkets with a wide range of other non-food products (diapers, camping equipment, soaps, detergents, etc.), And in small camps to such shops are at short distances, so coming to them is not a problem.

... But what about personal hygiene?

After 500 or 1,000 kilometers spent on the road, after you come to camp, you will first want to take a shower. Not here you will not encounter a problem - all camps are equipped with enough toilet facilities, which generally correspond to European standards. Spaces for changing babies, cabins adapted to the needs of disabled persons, individual cabins with sinks or special showers for hygiene pets have become standard today Croatian camps Range. Another important thing: the use of hot water in Croatian camps are not charged separately.

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